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BBK we eat, sleep, and breathe our motto, which is to execute the vision, serve quality, and maintain satisfaction through excellent customer service. Our mission is to produce dogs that are family friendly, ensure great temperament, healthy, and most importantly- head turners! We are different from most breeders because we come from a family friendly military background, and we do it for the love of dogs 1st, everything else is secondary. Our puppies are well taken care of since birth, living in our home, eating top of the line food, while exercising social skills and being taught great habits such as kennel training that will translate to the buyer. We go above and beyond for our clients and our long term connections/relationships with clients have proven that.

Blood Bone Kennels- what it means to us? First, the blood. All of our productions have championship bloodlines and all puppies have documented family trees. All BBK productions are exclusively 1 breed, this is what is known as purebred line. Secondly, the bone structure. We produce pocket sized American Bullies. Pups are no higher than 14 inches and lower than 10 inches. Our bullies exhibit heavy muscled, massive, bulky body type. Our English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs are triple carriers having rare unique colors such as black, blue, and chocolate. Our Dam (mother) and sires (father) are health and DNA tested by UCDAVIS. They are free and have no copies of degenerative myelopathy (DM) mutation and hyperuricosuria mutation (HUU).


Please note BBK refuses to ship our puppies in cargo due to liability and safety concerns however you may choose carrier of your choice and work it out with them if you do not live in Florida. Your puppy must be at least 8 weeks old and received 1st set of vaccinations before he/she can be shipped or hand delivered. If you’d rather your puppy receive absolute and total hands-on care throughout its journey from our neighborhood to yours, we recommend hand delivery via a Puppy Nanny. Our Puppy Nanny will take extra care of your new pup during the shipping process. If you will be requiring our safe and sound hand-delivery service, please make sure that you understand all costs involved prior to leaving a deposit for one of our puppies.

Call us to confirm that the puppy you’re interested in is still available for purchase.

A $500 non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve your puppy for pickup, hand-delivery, or shipping. Complete the deposit form. The buyer must sign form.

Return the puppy deposit form, along with a copy of your driver’s license to: bloodbonekennels@gmail.com

Make $500 deposit to owners via PayPal or in person if local.

Call us to confirm that your completed puppy deposit form has been received and that your puppy has been reserved.

You will be contacted by Laura (one of the owners) shortly after to schedule a pickup, hand-delivery date, or shipping date.

The remaining balance is due on the date of pickup or delivery with signed health guarantee contract form.



Jose & Anna Caraballo
Coral Springs, FL!
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My wife and I are so happy with the puppy, we named him Jarvis! It was a pleasure to meet the owner, Michael and Laura it was a pleasure and wonderful experience. I will recommend to anyone seeking for a dog it was really great. 5 starts from the bottom of my heart.
Anthony Cruz
Orlando FL
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Major shoutout to Mike and Laura, the business transaction was super smooth from the beginning to end! I will definitely be returning buyer. They had everything in order and I had no issue at all. I'm super happy to have brought "Ruger" daughter back to the camp today!
Sinai Alvarez
Sinai, Fort Myers FL
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Honest and trustworthy customer service. If you are looking for a top quality pocket bully, look no where else. I promise you won't regret it. best purchase I have made. Loving my ZURA!
Dustin Skinner
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We absolutely love our new puppy! She has been great. Laura & Mike were awesome to do business with. We highly recommend doing business with them if you are interested in a high quality beautiful dog.
Meral Badawy
Tampa FL
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I had the most amazing experience with the blood bone kennels the owner are simply magnificent it was an honor and pleasure to meet Michael and Laura Williams from the get-go Laura was very cooperative and patient answering all my questions since I was now familiar with the American bully breed and I have always considered myself a known it all dog person not sure how I missed this breed in the past.
Meral Badawy
Tampa FL
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The second I saw one of BBK Puppies posted online I just instantly fell in love with one of them. I called Laura immediately and put a deposit down for my new pup. I had been shopping for a dog for five years and some thing pulled me towards this amazing loving affectionate creature. I can't be happier with my choice of this relatively new breed and also my decision to do business with blood bone kennels the transaction was simply seamless and smooth any my puppy was delivered right into my arms he's brought so much joy into my life even though I've only had him for 48 hours I am so happy and grateful. Thank you BBK!
Dana, Eli and kids
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I could write 100 reasons why our family recommends Blood Bone Kennel. Laura and Michael are two of the most honest, and sweetest people we have met. The entire process from beginning to end was easy. Finding them changed our lives forever. Our blended family grew by 1, and the smiles on not only our faces but our children's faces made this the best year. Laura send us pictures and videos every day, and we were already in love before we even held our new baby girl. Words can not express our joy, thanks, and appreciation to them. Thank you again
Gwen Behen
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100 STAR RATING... TOP NOTCH! Royal is a sweet boy. I love dogs and I must say these dogs are amazingly powerful and will make you fall in love! This is the 2nd dog I have purchased from laura and mike who are great amazing friendly people. This dog has become my new best friend, I know he will protect me and my family. Thank you BBK !!!
Trimeca Herreld
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Awesome Amazing People and Personality to sum it all up. Just purchase an American Bully on 2/27/2021 from Laura and Mike, and the transition went smooth as ice. Laura and Mike went out there way for me to just see the pup with no string attach knowing I would fall in love immediately. If your looking for the best kennel and wonderful people to purchase your next pup, look no further. Bloodbonekennels is thee best, better than the rest. Thanks a million Laura and Mike.
Laura Fajardo
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Baby dog girl We have our baby girl delivery in great condition. Excellent communication and service. Our dog is beyond beautiful and in a great shape. We couldn't ask for a better breeder. Thank you! Laura Fajardo and Miguel Pastrana from Perto Rico.
Taylor Carpenter
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The first time I spoke with Laura i knew we were in the right place! Mike and Laura are so accomodating with everything from deposit to picking up your baby at the airport! BBK has the BEST blood lines I have yet to see, I would highly recommend to anyone! Thanks again you guys for everything and our baby love! ❤️
Vince & Lindsey Powell Lexington, KY
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We absolutely love our new puppy Weller! He is beautiful and very healthy! Laura & Mike are great to work with – they had excellent communication with us, all was ready and in order just like they said it would be, and everything about the transaction was smooth. We were nervous about sending money to someone we hadn’t met before (we had our boy delivered to us via plane by their trusted puppy nanny), and they made the process feel very secure and safe. I highly recommend them to everyone! Easiest 5 stars I could ever give.

BBK puppy nanny experience

Questions and FAQS

BBK is a transparent business, we guarantee our puppies to be healthy! All of our puppies come with the following:

– UKC / AKC Full Rights registration
– Health Guarantee Agreement/ Contract between Buyer and Seller
– Veterinarian’s Health Certificate
– Up to date Vaccinations

8 weeks pick up (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, Parvo, Fecal test, Broad Spectrum) 12 weeks (Bordetella, Rabies, Panieukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus)

– Deworming
– Microchipping

You’ve probably heard the saying “trust the blood.” What they are referring to, is the dog’s pedigree. The best determinate of the future build of a puppy are the dog’s genetics. Look at the parents. BOTH PARENTS! It takes BOTH a quality female and stud to produce a consistent litter.

Having a BBK production is absolutely priceless but owning 1 definitely has a price. BBK puppies range anywhere from $5000-$20,000 depending on the fur color, gender, age, type, and pedigree. Price of female puppies is usually

Our puppies are productions from our own family pets.

Yes. There are several canine registries, our American Bullies are UKC registered and our English Bulldogs/ French Bulldogs are AKC registered. You will be given the opportunity to register your new puppy at the time of purchase. Buying a registered, purebred puppy means that its family tree is documented as
being exclusively one breed. Buying a registered dog does not necessarily mean that the dog will be healthier than a non-registered dog. It means that its parents are of the same breed and that the dog comes from

Yes, all of our puppies are micro chipped before purchase. You will be given the opportunity to register it at the time of purchase. It is extremely important to register your puppies microchip. If your puppy should ever become lost, there is a good chance that your puppy will be recovered if it has a registered microchip. In a pet’s lifetime, one out of three will become lost. Without enrollment registration and identification about ninety percent will not be recovered!

We accept Cash, Credit, Debit, Cash App, Venmo, and Paypal.

Traditionally, American Bullies have been recognized partly by the distinctive look of their head; and also cropped ears have also become their trademark. It has been suggested that cropped ears will help prevent ear canal infections and make the opportunity for pinna trauma and infection much less likely. Also, puppy ear cropping is no different philosophically or ethically than any elective surgery such as spaying and neutering. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Dogs usually have their ears cropped no later than 13 weeks old.

Refer to this website and replicate content https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/bulldog/ Owning a dog is not just a privilege; it’s a responsibility. They depend on us for, at minimum, food and shelter, and deserve much more. When you take a dog into your life, you need to understand the commitment that dog ownership entails.


BBK recommends that you screen the seller you find online! Please refer to the checklist provided to be sure you are in contact with an ethical breeder who will give you a healthy pup.

How much information do they give you?

The breeder should be able to answer all your questions with specific, informative, and helpful answers. They should help you with choosing the puppy right for your lifestyle, family size, living conditions, and preference. Ask all the details about their birth, vaccinations, food, and personality and be careful if the breeder only says some general sentences you can find on any website. All sellers should be able to answer questions thoroughly.

Is the breeder ready to help after you adopted your puppy?

As the pup will be a family member, it’s very important that you are able to establish a relationship with the breeder. Breeders have lots of knowledgeable experience and will be able to help along the journey of being new dog owners.

Interacting and building a strong rapport via Video Chat / Facetime?

Unethical breeders / scammers try to decline your request to show the puppy live because they do not have possession of puppies they are advertising. They may tell you that the pups are sleeping, or the vet is with them, and offer you to send photos and videos instead.

It’s absolutely fair to be able to see your pup several times before you decide to commit him or her.

How does the breeder keep the puppies?

Ask all the details of how the pups spend their day, and what they do. Ask about freetime and human interaction.

Do you have credible reviews and testimonials?

Do your research! Make sure they didn’t falsify the feedback.

Is everything ok with the papers?

The breeder should show you the puppy’s pedigree, give you a health guarantee against genetic illnesses and register the dog.


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